Poor But Sexy

Poor But Sexy took shape around 2006. Jason Caddell was recording a David Brown song (“The Only Good Thing,” I think it was) and needed keys. David played the drums and guitar, Brandon Kalber played bass, and Jason added some guitar. Then some more songs were introduced, and it was obvious that we'd need a drummer. Bruce Falconer was brought in and Eric Axelson played percussion.

We played our first show in 2008 and started a regimen of weekly rehearsal. It was more fun than work, but eventually we realized we needed to move on, so we recorded what we had and self-released an eponymous EP in 2009. That was followed by the full-length (also self-released) Let’s Move In Together in 2011. I wouldn’t say we were popular in the land of moody hipster post-punks, but we weren’t easy to fit into a genre anyway, so it was OK. Fortunately, we had Jason to record and mix us, otherwise I don’t know if we’d have ever made any records at all.

Writing parts for these songs was always a challenge, because songs evolved as other parts were solidified, so things changed until pretty much the last minute (often you wouldn’t hear a complete idea for a song until all the vocal tracks were added). But the vibe was always to have a good groove, follow Brandon, and keep smiling. Channel your inner Stevie Wonder as much as possible and love the music.

poorbutsexy EP (2009)

poorbutsexy EP cover

We only had a handful of songs, but we were working on more that felt like they were going in a different direction (as if it were linear), so we recorded these songs ourselves after work and on weekends, and tucked them into some simple cover art (a drawing of Berlin’s Fernsehturm, as the band name was lovingly and jokingly derived from the description of Berlin, where David spent some time as an undergraduate). I think we gave it out at shows. We played out from 2009 through 2011, from Fredericksburg VA to Chicago IL to Ypsilanti MI to Boston MA and New York City and points in between.

You can stream and purchase this album on bandcamp. Listen to “You Don’t Have To Ask Me Twice” on bandcamp.

Let’s Move In Together (2011)

Let’s Move In Together cover

Our second record was the best of the material we’d created at that point. We were only half-serious about image and outcome, but quite serious about enjoying ourselves, and often that humor was lost on the local crowd. We have titles like “Hotter than a Poptart” (an homage to 1980s roller-disco), “Dong Pills” (taken from an Arrested Development joke), and “Cherry Delicious” (because every band needs a go-go tune). We weren’t really trying to fit with the DC scene and sound, and people either loved us or hated us.

After 2011, things got more complicated. Jeff Galusha joined us on percussion after filming our video while we were recording our full-length. We finished the CD and did some light touring. Then David moved to NY and Brandon moved to FL. People’s jobs got more demanding. Rehearsing and writing got more difficult. Then folks got married. Bought houses. Had kids. Moved some more. We still get together and work on new songs, and hopefully someday soon we’ll have a new record.

In the meantime, you can find this album on bandcamp, or (if you're really lucky) find it in a store for a dime. Listen to our almost-single “Cherry Delicious” on bandcamp.