I’ve been at Mozilla since 2014. I started on the Marketplace team, then moved to the Firefox Core Engineering team, and now I’m on the Add-ons team.

To many people Mozilla is a dream job, often because of things like “bleeding edge” and “Silicon Valley” and so on. For me, it’s a dream job because it has a mission and (more than anywhere else I’ve ever worked) they strive for—and value—transparency. Plus, there are a lot of Canadians (and, yes, they are as polite and nice as you’ve heard).

It’s not an easy job, and it’s a bit massive, but it’s by far the best job I’ve had. The engineers I’ve worked with have all been impressive, and the best that I’ve worked with in my career. (From what I can tell, they’re also good people.) That makes going to work every day a way to put some good into the world, which is a rarity in this field.

Prior to Mozilla, I worked at Threespot Media for 11 years, starting as a developer and leaving as the Technology Department head (I also did some IT while there, but that wasn’t my focus).